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Timeline Project

For one of Alan’s school projects (which coincidentally have been fewer and farther between in 1st grade than Kindergarten), he had to create a timeline featuring his top moments and milestones from 2017.¬† He picked: 1) Appearance in the Kids Starting Lineup, 2) First piano recital, 3) Hole-in-one during mini golf in Chicago, and 4) First day of 1st grade. ūüôā

Fall Weekends

To Alan’s delight, fall weekends this year have been following a similar formula to last year.

Friday nights again involve parties with me.  Saturday afternoons involve music lessons at the Musical Settlement and Chinese & Martial Arts class at the Cleveland Public Library.  Best of all, Saturday nights involve visits to see Tyler and Carleigh and sleepovers at Grandma Debbie’s house!

Sundays can include trips to the Wildcat Fitness Center to practice basketball, visits to see Tata & Papa, or playing “Go Fish,” the Cars 3 Memory Game, or fidget spinner battles¬†with Daddy.

On Monday mornings at school Alan has to write in his journal about what he did over the weekend.¬† Alan said that he enjoys writing about playing with Tyler the most. ūüôā


(Pictured is a Chinese lantern craft that Alan made for his Mom).

Alan’s First Piano Recital

Alan rocked his piano recital today, playing the best version of¬†“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” I’ve ever heard.¬† Grandma Debbie & Papa and Tata & Papa were there to see Alan’s debut performance, along with Veronica and I.

Afterwards we stayed for the Music Settlement’s annual picnic.¬† Alan would later take home a certificate and a music note trophy to commemorate the completion of his first full year at the Music Settlement. ¬†Way to go, Alan!

Fall Weekends


I think it’s safe to say that no one has more fun on weekends this fall than Alan.

Friday nights¬†involve parties with me.¬† Saturdays are all about Chinese class at the Cleveland Public Library and music lessons at the Musical Settlement.¬† Alan’s still going strong practicing the piano and he’s been observing violin performances too!¬† Saturday nights¬†involve sleepovers at Grandma Debbie’s house (and being silly).

Sundays can involve either playing with Tyler (now that he’s moved to Streetsboro!) or visiting Tata….and they usually end with swimming with Mom at the MHS pool.¬† Just recently Alan floated on his own for the first time and put his face under water!

Whenever we can find time, Alan also gets some swings in with his new metal bat, which he got when turning six.  October is also the perfect time to collect buckeyes that have fallen from our favorite neighborhood buckeye tree!




Public Performance


Today Alan¬†played the¬†piano¬†for the first time in front of an audience!¬† Alan’s preschool class was studying the letter “P,” and Mrs. Jones asked Alan if he’d perform for the class¬†and teachers in the music room.¬† Alan — as brave as¬†he¬†is — later told me¬†he¬†was happy, not scared,¬†when he¬†agreed to show his friends his new talent.

Despite not preparing in advance, Alan put together a seemless, near two-minute free-style performance. Mrs. Jones even recorded the show so that I could watch it too!  It was a fantastic surprise to get at work today, and I listened to Alan play on a loop all afternoon.

This spontaneous performance comes at a time when Alan is just¬†concluding his first piano class.¬† Since he enjoyed it so much, Alan is moving on to one-on-one piano¬†lessons.¬† I’m so proud of him for developing his musical talents!

Here’s the full video from Mrs. Jones: