Christmas 2014

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This year Alan is understanding the Christmas holiday for the first time.  He’s been learning about it in school, and he understands that Santa will leave him gifts under his Christmas tree if he’s a good boy.  He has been so excited to open presents and has been asking every day if it’s Christmas yet.  Today Alan was so excited to finally get to open presents with Tyler and Carleigh!  He also enjoyed seeing both of his uncles while they were on holiday leave from the marines/army.

We also started a new “Elf on the Shelf” tradition this year.  Alan named his elf “Elfie.”  Elfie watches Alan from a different spot every day and reports back to Santa on whether or not Alan has been good that day.  Alan loves to check first thing every morning where Elfie has moved to…just as long as I go to look with him.


Preschool Update


Over the last two months, Alan turned in his first homework assignment (creating a disguise for a turkey), had a Thanksgiving feast with the Kindergarteners, and had a Christmas party with his class!  He’s learned about shapes, eating healthy, and acts of kindness.

Perhaps Alan’s biggest accomplishment is learning to write his name all by himself!  He’s so good at it that he’ll be signing all of our holiday cards this year.  He also did a name-writing demonstration at my office today, when he came in for his annual visit.  🙂

Preschool Christmas Program


Today Alan’s class put on a Christmas program for their parents.  The kids sang 3 songs and presented their parents with a card and gift they made themselves.  The program lasted about 15 minutes.  That was all the kids could handle preparing for at their young age, but it was still a lot of fun.  I definitely felt proud to see Alan performing!

Pictured below is Alan signing our card, as well as a close up of the gift he made.