Preschool Update


Two months into the school year now, Alan has had a chance to experience some fun activities.  The highlights include a field trip to Patterson Farm, making applesauce from scratch, carving pumpkins, and participating in Fall Fun Day.

Alan loves going to school and gets a lot of attention from the teacher and her assistants in the 9-student class. According to the teacher’s report at the last parent-teacher conference, Alan’s ready for kindergarten right now.

He’s gotten into a good homework routine with his nightly “Newsbook” assignments and has made nice strides in writing neat letters in a straight line.

Alan shares a cubby (pictured above) with Ella and is best friends with Natalee.  It’s a great group of kids.

Growing Up


Lately Alan has really been impressing me with his maturity. He’s always been a good-mannered and well-behaved kid, but now he seems even more grown-up.

Within the last month, he’s asked to donate some of his old toys to kids who don’t have what he does.  He also  fully accepted that Ruby went to Dog Heaven so she didn’t have to be sick anymore.  And he’s done very well at his piano lessons.

He had already been a good Chinese-English translator, but he’s continuing to develop his language skills too.  He has even picked up sign language from his class at school.

He doesn’t fall asleep in his car seat as much anymore.  And speaking of car seats, he’s at a weight where he can transition to a booster seat now.

He thinks about more complicated subjects, such as where babies come from (He currently believes parents go to the hospital to pick out their favorite babies from a nursery…and that I picked him because he’s my favorite).

He likes wearing white undershirts so he can dress more like a grown-up.  He’s always told me we look the same except for our hair length and our clothes, but now even that gap is narrowing. 🙂

Alan’s Favorite Activities


Alan’s current list of favorite things to do:

-Sunday routine of hitting baseballs at the Oakville Park and going to McDonald’s

-Collecting buckeyes from a neighborhood buckeye tree

-Building with Tinker Toys

-Playing in his “hideout” (a card table covered by a sheet) in the living room

-Watching his favorite shows, which include PJ Masks, Miles from TomorrowlandBlaze and the Monster Machines, and Team Umizoomi

-Reading stories before bed

-Going on “adventures” walking Rosie after dark with Grandma Debbie

-Swimming at the Mayfield Heights indoor pool – with a flotation device, but by himself!

-Spelling words with floating letters in the bathtub

-Learning at school and playing tag at recess!

It’s great to be 5.  🙂