Alan’s Perfect Weekend


Alan’s fun continued through the weekend as he got to do all of his favorite things.  He got into more “trouble” with Tyler, showed his new Paw Patroller to Tyler, put together Legos with my friend “Uncle” Luke (Legos were this year’s gift after Tinker Toys were last year’s), and played his favorite parking garage rescue game with Robbie and hide-out game with Jill.

Due to the mild winter we’ve been having, Alan and I also got to play baseball at the park on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day(!).  Figuring this luck won’t last forever, Alan and I did buy a soft football this weekend to play with outside when it does eventually start snowing.  Alan is getting more comfortable with playing catch!



Merry Christmas!


Before Alan went to sleep last night, he put out hot chocolate and pretzels for Santa and carrots for Rudolph (pictured above).  Alan told me it was the best way to show Santa that Alan believes in him.  Alan also told me he planned to tip-toe downstairs at midnight to see Santa, but unfortunately we both slept through the night and missed him.

When Alan woke up this morning, the food was eaten and Alan found the Paw Patroller from Santa under the tree!  Santa knew it was exactly what Alan wanted from the letter that Alan mailed to the North Pole a couple weeks ago.  Thanks to Elfie (pictured below), Santa received a good report on Alan’s behavior this month. 🙂