Tribe Game No. 3 of 2017

With the Indians on Sunday night baseball this weekend, Alan and I opted to head to the ballpark for a Saturday night ballgame – Alan’s 1st night game of the season.

Alan had a blast staying out late and made it all the way to the 9th inning of the game (he’d ultimately be up past midnight for the first time).  Among the highlights of the evening were the following:

-Alan recorded a career-best sprint time: 7.08 seconds.  Alan loved the “human blur” picture below. 🙂

-Alan hit his first career home run at Little League Park!! Really, he did.  He wacked the whiffle ball just above the yellow line in left field.  It was awesome to see the HR, which came with a man on.  That was definitely the moment of the night.

-We bought “Mick,” a rally monkey named by Alan, at the team shop.  Alan loved the long arms and had to have it.  Mick’s hands have Velcro on them so Alan could wear Mick while we watched some of the game from the Kids Clubhouse.

Note: before we left the Kids Clubhouse, Alan wanted to take a “serious catcher” photo.  😉

-Alan was more interested in watching the game than he has been previously.  He wanted to check out the view from different seats in the ballpark, and asked if we could sit in the RF upper deck.  I said yes, and while we were up there, we watched Jose Ramirez hit.  Alan has been taking an interest in Jose, who became an All-Star this year for the first time after meeting Alan on April 30th.  Alan roots for him, even if he isn’t quite sure why “Jose” doesn’t sound like it looks.