Music Settlement Tuesdays

Tuesday nights this year (every other Tuesday to be exact) are once again group piano and Dalcroze class nights.  Alan first meets with George and Pasquale to practice together for their upcoming group performance in December.  Then Alan meets up with other classmates to combine music with movement.  Tonight Alan let loose running to the beat, then practiced rhythm clapping and jumping.  Alan made it look easy, but other kids who haven’t had as much music instruction had trouble with the pace and staying on beat.

2nd Annual Father Figure Walk

Today Alan and I walked to school together as part of Millridge’s 2nd Annual Father Figure Walk.  The details were the same as last year — we parked at the Fitworks at the corner of Wilson Mills and Brainard and walked to school — but the weather was considerably nicer!  And we passed Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Russo, and Mrs. Feldman in front of the school on our walk in (they were there to greet students and father figures).  I was given a ‘thank you’ bag from Mr. Bradic again, with a water bottle, granola bar, and note inside.  Then Alan played on the playground with Colin until the first morning bell rang.  When I left, Alan thought it was funny that I still had a long walk back to my car.  🙂