Uncle Luke

Tonight Alan was thrilled to add another chapter to what he calls his “annual tradition” of visiting Luke and Amie.  He loves going there around the holidays, especially because he always receives awesome gifts there.

Alan brought his Lego 3-in-1 motorcycle — the highlight from last year — to play on the British gas station toy that he’s loved ever since his first visit.  This year’s favorite gift was a Hot Wheels launcher.  Alan played with it for two hours, laughing with joy the whole time.

Afterwards, he brought the car launcher to Grandma Debbie’s house for his Saturday night sleepover so he could share it with Tyler and Carleigh there.

Craft Making

On two separate Saturdays this month, Alan has been invited to work on crafts at the apartment main office.  First he made a snowman out of two plastic pumpkins (check out the batman hat!) on December 1st.  Then today he mixed together paint to decorate an ornament.

The snowman has been sitting outside our door all month, under the sign that Alan picked out to decorate the front door, while the ornament is hanging on our tree.  We look forward to holiday arts & crafts like these all year long!

Elfie Time

Elfie’s back, and Alan is on his best behavior!  Elfie has been showing up in some new spots this year.  Once he blended in with Alan’s winter workshop gifts from years past.  Another time he showed up next to the bathroom sink, ready to take a swim!  Alan may have whispered the idea to him after hearing some stories about Noah’s elf at school.  🙂

This year we bought a special envelope for Elfie to use to transport Alan’s letter to Santa back to the North Pole.  In Alan’s letter, he asked for a Cars 3 Mack truck and race track!