Cancun and Mexico City

Alan is back home after spending his spring break in Cancun (Mar. 25-27) and Mexico City (Mar. 27-30) with his Mom and her parents.  Alan’s favorite story from the trip was riding a speed boat and seeing a crocodile!  He also told me about the pink lake and the pyramids he saw.

Alan was glad to come back on a Saturday afternoon so he could still have a sleepover at Grandma Debbie’s and see Lulu and Rosie.  And he was happy to help Tyler draw musical instruments (a piano, violin, drums, and electric guitar) for Tyler’s homework assignment.

Mayfield Science Showcase

Tonight Alan participated in the 9th Annual K-12 Districtwide Science Showcase at Mayfield High School!  He set up his project in the 2nd grade classroom next to De’Onta and near Xavier.  He got to demonstrate his experiment for a large group of onlookers that happened to include the district’s superintendent.

His favorite part of the night, though, was watching the high schoolers see if they could paddle across the pool in self-made boats during the Cardboard Boat Regatta.  Some boats sank, but others — including the Batman boat — did not!

Alan’s Favorite Activities

Second grade — Part IV — edition of the Top 10:

-Puzzles with Tata and Jill!  The one pictured was 300 pieces.

-Playing with a parachuting lion & tiger picked up at United Skates during De’Onta’s birthday party and a parachute picked up at the Cavs game back in November.  Tyler and Carleigh have enjoyed them too!

-Throwing [soft] balls down the long hallway at home.

-Skiing at Alpine on Sunday afternoons, even though lessons are over.  Alan’s lessons came with a pass for the whole season, and he often still sees his favorite instructor Jen!

-Making a fort at home.

-Making a fort at Grandma Debbie’s.

-Playing Cribbage — which Alan first learned on the plane to New Orleans in December, then perfected with help from Jill.  He plays on my phone regularly now and taught me how to play.  Below are the results of his first and largest wins.

-Friday nights and Sunday afternoons at the Wildcat Fitness Center.

-Drawing cars and other forms of transportation during indoor recess.  And at home too — especially when making birthday cards for family and friends!

-Learning on the Chromebook at school!

Spring Sports

As of last Saturday, swimming lessons at Hawken are back on for the spring, and they run through May.  Alan is still skiing on Sundays, too, for as long as Alpine remains open for the season.

And up next in the sports calendar:  Baseball in April!

Bingo Night

Alan and I attended the PTG’s annual Bingo Night for the first time tonight.  It was the makeup night from January 25th, which ended up being a snow day.  We bought two bingo cards, and Alan won on the first game!  He picked out a “stackable spinner” for his prize, which he loves.  Each child could only collect a prize once, so Alan had to play for fun for the rest of the night.  Alan sat with Xavier, De’Onta, and Grady and had a great time.