Career Week

This week Alan had both Dad and Mom speak to his class during career week.  I spoke mostly about diamonds and, according to Alan, got the most questions out of all 6 speakers.  I figured focusing on diamonds was the best way to go!


Celebrating Easter at Grandma Debbie’s — one of the highlights of Alan’s entire year — has had Alan smiling for the past two weekends.  He just couldn’t wait to color eggs, so he got a head start and colored his traditional “emoji” eggs a week in advance. They turned out great!  🙂

With the coloring done last weekend, Alan spent this weekend focused on Easter egg hunts!  Saturday night he did four hunts with Grandma Debbie, Tyler, and Carleigh — as each took a turn as the ‘egg hider’ in Grandma Debbie’s house.  When Grandma Debbie hid the eggs, they were filled with money and Hershey Kisses.  One lucky winner (Tyler this year) walked away with a $5 bill.

Then today Alan and I took turns hiding and finding eggs at home, as Alan just couldn’t get enough of it.  Alan also found an Easter basket waiting for him in his fort!  It was filled with a neon Indians baseball, a blue foam Indians stress ball, a Lego snowmobile, M&M’s, Oreos, and a golden egg with a Lego train and dollar bills inside.  Alan hinted to me that he thought I was responsible for the basket, not an Easter bunny.  Perhaps it was the baseballs that gave it away…

Alan’s Kindle Fire

After asking for an electronic device of his own to play cribbage and watch Super Mario videos on Youtube, Alan now has his very own Kindle Fire.  And since he got his Kindle, his violin teacher introduced him to a new app called “Score Creator” — which allows Alan to compose his own songs by combining music notes in an order of his liking.  Tonight he let Carleigh and Tyler have a try at making music…and plenty of giggles ensued!

Spring Fling Carnival

Tonight Alan attended the Millridge Spring Fling Carnival for the first time.  The event was held at Mayfield Middle School, which has a bigger gym than Millridge and, therefore, more space for the event.  Alan had a blast playing games and collecting points, which he redeemed for a “Nerf Nitro Sparksmash” toy (pictured by Alan’s knee above) at the end of the night.

He crossed paths with many friends, including De’Onta, Noah, Collin, Luca, and Ella.  He also entered raffle tickets for a few prizes — one of which included a package for Fun ‘N’ Stuff!  On the way out, Alan was happy to find his entry into the Carnival’s coloring contest hanging near the entrance.  He just had to take a picture with it!

Cavaliers Game No. 2 of 2018-19

Today Alan and I headed to the Q to watch the Cavaliers take on the Spurs!  The Cavaliers did not win, but the game was secondary to the honoring of Channing Frye, as he prepares to retire after Tuesday’s season finale.

Before the game started, Alan made his customary sign to support the Cavaliers.  I love how he always draws a sword swiping the opposing team’s logo, just like the graphics he’s seen on the jumobtron.

Then Alan and I watched Altman, Love, and Jefferson honor Frye from our seats during a pregame ceremony.  Alan noticed right away that players on the court were all wearing “Channing 9” on their backs, as he was surprised to see that Sexton wasn’t wearing his customary #2.

After watching most of the game from our seats with popcorn in hand, Alan and I went to pick up some souvenirs (Alan opted for keychains and buttons).  We also snapped a photo with the new era team leaders, including Alan’s old favorite (Love) and new favorite (Sexton)!

That’s a wrap for basketball season.  The next game we attend will be next door at Progressive Field!

Straight “A” All-Stars

Millridge was back in the spotlight again today, this time thanks to the Cavaliers!  The Cavaliers declared Millridge the ‘Straight “A” All-Stars’ winning school for the second grading period.  Ahmaad, Sir CC, Moondog, and the Scream Team came to Millridge to present a check for $1,000 and lead the kids in a dance off!

This is the second time Alan’s school found itself all over social media this year, with the first being when Fox 8 declared it as a “Cool School.”