Things Alan Says

Like most young kids, Alan’s been known to drop a few funny lines every now and then.  Below are a few of my recent favorites:


Alan, with his arms extended in front of him, to Grandma Debbie after he was just told that it was nap time:

“I don’t need a nap…because I was just sleep-walking.”


Alan on why he ran [to the toy aisle] in Target, after I caught and confronted him:

“The store is so big, I HAVE to run.”


Alan after receiving a $10 bill from Grandma Debbie as a gift:

“Daddy, you can have this money.  You need it so you can buy me more cars.”

Note: Buying cars is not just fun for Alan, but it’s also practically his favorite pastime.  We buy two matchbox cars at least once a week at either Target or Discount Drug Mart.  At DDM he gets to “drive” a shopping cart modeled after a car to the toy aisle, which he always gets a kick out of.

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