Centers and Donuts with Dad

Today I visited Millridge for two reasons.  First, Alan and I attended Donuts with Dad together.  Then, I volunteered to help Alan’s class with “centers” — a special session where parents and volunteers lead groups of 3-5 students at a time through various enrichment activities.

Activities can include anything from puzzles and math problems to building and crafting. The center I led involved using sticks of various sizes to make objects and shapes based on each child’s imagination.  Alan made a train with his supply. 🙂

I loved coming in to see Alan in his element — he seems to be enjoying his first couple months of school very much.  And Alan was proud to have his Daddy volunteer in class.  Before centers, we presented Alan’s foot project to the class together.  I let all the kids know just how much Alan loves planets and outer space.

After centers, Alan asked me to stay for snack time and then morning recess.  I of course stayed and helped push kids on the swings.  At first I wondered why the teachers weren’t helping push the kids…but that question was answered as soon as I was running up and down the line pushing eights kids at once!

Centers are typically held on two Wednesdays per month, in place of specials.  You can bet I’ll be coming in again as the year goes on!

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