Kindergarten Memories (Daddy’s)

From the first day of Kindergarten to the last, Alan had a blast!  And I enjoyed taking part in Alan’s school year equally as much.

There were lots of memorable moments, and here I’ll try to capture the best of the ones that I shared with Alan — in hopes that Alan and I will read this post years from now and be able to recall the good feelings from these special moments.

On August 17th, I took Alan to his first day of school/orientation on when he met his teacher and made his first new Kindergarten friend – Noah.  Alan was brave, even though he later admitted to being nervous to meet so many new faces.  I hope to always remember him returning to me and proudly telling me about making a new friend.

On September 28th, I came to school for Donuts with Dad and stayed for the first day of centers.  Alan took the bus to school that day, and I met him in the gym where the kids waited until they were permitted to walk to their classrooms at the first bell.  I hope to always remember the expression on his face when I entered the gym and he excitedly stood up and flagged me down.  That day he also laughed hysterically when his friends Julian and Tony climbed on my back.  It’s a story he loved reminding me of all year long. 🙂

On November 16th, I came back to school for another day of centers.  During bellwork, Alan’s lost a tooth for the first time.  I hope to always remember the surprise on our faces.

On December 16th, Veronica and I read to Alan’s class and shared stories about Alan when he was the “Smartie of the Week.”  I hope to always remember how proud he was to have his parents talk to the class.

On March 22nd, I volunteered for centers again.  When we were taking a picture together, Alan gave me the warmest hug I can ever remember him giving me.  I hope to always remember the feeling of that hug.

On April 26th, I came to school to watch Alan participate in the Q & U wedding.  Alan turned to look at me and laugh every time the assistant principal – acting as the minister – told a joke about Mr. Q having to buy gifts for Mrs. U (I later found out that Alan wrote about that in his journal too).  I hope to always remember how happy Alan looked when he laughed at the jokes.

On May 18th, I came to school with Alan in the evening for the end of year Kindergarten Program.  It was an emotional night watching the video slideshow and realizing the year was just about over.  Maybe I don’t need to remember how sad I was!

On May 23rd, I helped supervise Kindergarten Field Day.  I hope to always remember how excited Alan was that his group started the day on the playground with me.

On May 25th, I took Alan to the bus stop in the morning and attended his last day of school lunch.  I hope to always remember him peaking out the bus window and smiling to me, as well as him calling my name when he saw me at school while standing in the lunch line.

Other memories I’ll take away from Kindergarten include working on all the special projects with Alan and the Monday night poem homework assignments.  Alan had to read and answer questions about a weekly poem, which we typically worked together on after school on Monday nights.  His favorite part was competing against Daddy in the word search game we created. 🙂

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