Halloween 2018

Today The Flash made an appearance at the Halloween party for Mrs. Harris’ class.  The Flash won a sticky-spider-toss game, after getting two bullseyes.  He also took part in the Millridge Halloween parade, which was held in the gym due to rain.


It was still raining during trick-or-treating, but that did not stop The Flash from going the full two hours!  This year Alan was also brave enough to approach the neighborhood house where the owner answers the door with a chainsaw.  The brave souls who dare knock on the door receive a treat better than candy — a toy sword that lights up in the dark.  When he came home, Alan proudly ran over to show me the evidence of his great triumph!

Note: The Flash was the costume of choice this year following Alan’s summer of being the fastest member of the Yankees.  Alan’s scary classmate pictured with him above is De’Onta.

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