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Things Alan Says / Preschool Update


The school year has continued to go well for Alan.  He’s strengthening his communication skills and being a good leader in the classroom.  He particularly enjoyed pajama day at school on the day before his two-week winter vacation.  That day he also came home with the holiday gift to Mom & Dad pictured above.

Alan has become good friends with two boys named Taran and Almas lately.  Alan always has a story to tell me about them, which usually involves the chasing games that they play at recess.

Speaking of recess, when three girls in Alan’s class, Natalee, Ella, and Ryleigh, want to play “family,” they turn to Alan to play the dad while the girls play the mom and two babies.  Once after coming home from school, Alan came to me and said…

“It’s hard being a dad!”

I, of course, told Alan I could relate!

Things Alan Says

Today Alan surprised me with the following exchange:

Alan:  Daddy, why don’t bears wear socks?

Me (confused):  Huh?

Alan:  Because they have bare feet!

Me:  LOL

Alan completely caught me off guard by telling me his first ever joke!  I asked him where he learned this, and he said he taught himself (his usual response to this question).  Too funny.

Things Alan Says

Alan, to me, while driving in the car tonight:

Alan:  “Can we go to Disney World?”

Me:  “It’s too far away.  We’d have to fly there.”

Alan:  “Then we should go to the one in Mayfield!”

If only we had Disney close by…

Things Alan Says

Alan, to Papa, when he wanted french fries at McDonald’s:

“There’s no tax on french fries…so you should buy them for me.”

Note: I did not teach him this…


Alan, to me, while standing in front of an aquarium at the Cleveland Zoo, excitedly referencing the movie Finding Nemo:

“There’s Dory.  I found her!  That’s her!”

Note: Although Alan does not know this, the sequel to Finding Nemo is currently in the works and it will be called Finding Dory. 🙂

Things Alan Says

Like most young kids, Alan’s been known to drop a few funny lines every now and then.  Below are a few of my recent favorites:


Alan, with his arms extended in front of him, to Grandma Debbie after he was just told that it was nap time:

“I don’t need a nap…because I was just sleep-walking.”


Alan on why he ran [to the toy aisle] in Target, after I caught and confronted him:

“The store is so big, I HAVE to run.”


Alan after receiving a $10 bill from Grandma Debbie as a gift:

“Daddy, you can have this money.  You need it so you can buy me more cars.”

Note: Buying cars is not just fun for Alan, but it’s also practically his favorite pastime.  We buy two matchbox cars at least once a week at either Target or Discount Drug Mart.  At DDM he gets to “drive” a shopping cart modeled after a car to the toy aisle, which he always gets a kick out of.