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Parade 2017

Alan collected candy for himself, Mom, & Dad at the annual Mayfield Heights Parade this afternoon.  Parade participants traditionally bring lots of candy to distribute to the parade watchers.  By the end of the parade, Alan had a bag full just like Halloween!

Fireworks Night 2017

Alan and I spent the evening and night at Mayfield Heights Unity Days — one of our favorite summer traditions.

We followed a similar path as last year, starting with the playground and inflatable games, until Alan found a balloon artist!  He asked for and got the Donatello pictured above, which came with Alan’s special twist: Michaelangelo’s nunchecks.

After that we went to Alan’s absolute favorite activity of the night:  bubble-chasing.  Alan spent a good hour running to and from bubbles with a sizable group of kids (including Mike and Joe from his baseball team and Grace from Millridge).  He loved it so much, he just kept going back for more and more. 🙂

After some more time on the playground, it was about time to get ready to watch the fireworks from our usual spot across from City Hall / in front of Party Place.  But first we purchased a lightsaber and light-wand at the park and then walked to McDonald’s for some fries.  We watched the first part of the fireworks from our car, before Alan [excitedly] spotted his classmate Sam.  We watched the second part with Sam and her parents.



Tonight Alan and I saw fireworks at the Mayfield Heights Unity Days fireworks show.  It marked the first time that Alan sat through fireworks without being bothered by the noise!  He loved that we bought a lightsaber that made him look more like Gecko.  🙂