Happy 4th Birthday Alan!!


This little guy turns 4 today!!  Love him so much!!

We had such a nice family celebration yesterday at Great-Grandma’s apartment.  Alan thanks everyone for the thoughtful gifts!!

9/26/14 update:  Today Alan’s “birthday week” continued, as he celebrated his birthday with his class.  Alan brought in treats to share (goldfish crackers) and got to wear the birthday crown the whole day.  He loved it!


Things Alan Does


Lately, in addition to enjoying going to preschool, Alan has been enjoying the following pastimes:

  1. Playing baseball in the house.  This includes playing catch and hitting off a tee (I don’t mind).
  2. Making coffee (for me).  I have a Keurig, but Alan prefers the powder/mixing method.
  3. Taking my phone and running with it while shouting, “You can’t catch me!”
  4. Related to 3), taking pictures of his cars and his favorite TV shows with my phone.  Sometimes the pictures are in black & white, as somehow he figured out how to change the settings!

First Day of St. Clare Preschool


Today was a huge milestone in Alan’s young life:  The first day of preschool!

He wore his favorite “super shirt” (as he calls it) to the one hour parent & child orientation day.  After an hour of playing and meeting new friends, Alan declared that “preschool is fun!”  He especially enjoyed meeting the teacher’s dog puppet and proudly wearing his Pre-K sticker.  🙂

The big test will come tomorrow, when Alan and the other kids will have class for an hour while parents wait in another room.  Then on Friday the normal preschool schedule gets underway!

In order to get ready for preschool, Alan spent the summer reading 30+ preschool books from the library to learn about the fun aspects of school.  And we spent a significant amount of time on potty-training.  He’s got the hang of it and he’s ready to take on the preschool world!

9/4/14 Update:  Today Alan had another great day at school!  He excitedly got ready for school in the morning and was eager to arrive early.  Then, to my relief, Alan did not mind spending the hour alone, and the teacher even used Alan’s behavior as an example of how to share toys nicely.  When Grandma Debbie picked him up, he told the teacher and her that he loves preschool!

9/5/14 Update:  Today Alan successfully finished his first week of preschool!  He wanted to go right to school as soon as I woke him up at 6:30am.  He had a great time at school and didn’t seem to notice or mind the school day lasted a bit longer.  When I picked him up, he continued his tradition of proudly declaring that he loves preschool!