Preschool Update


Over the last couple months Alan has really taken off at school.  He loves it so much that he was disappointed by two snow days this winter.  His ability to color inside the lines has improved considerably, and he’s getting better at writing the letters of the alphabet.  Both improvements led to a very positive progress report from the teacher at the midway point of the year in January!

Some new activities for Alan’s class have included an introduction to technology (focused around iPad learning sessions), a post office simulation exercise, and a diversity/nationality lesson.  Alan declared himself to be an American (note the American flag in the picture above) because in his words, “I speak English.”  But he still honored his Chinese background by presenting three sentences on the Chinese New Year during Heritage Day, with two Chinese lanterns as visual aids.

Earlier this month, Alan also had his first Valentine’s party!  We bought “Cars” themed valentines and Alan wrote his name on all 21 cards by himself.

The month of February ended with Alan demonstrating the strides he’s made towards becoming more independent.  Today he walked over to the show-and-tell calendar on the kitchen table, identified that next week’s letter is “K,” went to his room to get a key, and told me that he’s ready for show-and-tell.  I was very proud watching him during that sequence of events!


Today Alan got the first admissions acceptance letter of his life!  I’m happy to announce that this fall he will be attending the Preschool Peer Mentoring Program at Millridge Elementary School!  He interviewed at the school in January during the application process.  As part of the program, Alan will be paired with a hearing impaired student and serve as his/her learning partner.  So proud of him!