Preschool Graduation


Today Alan and his class graduated from Mrs. Davisson’s 4-year old Pre-K class at St. Clare!

It was a beautiful day to cap off a great school year.  A picnic at Oakville Park (Alan’s favorite park) followed a very nice ceremony at the St. Clare Church.  Alan shared his special day with 9 family members, including his parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and aunt and uncle.

I commend Alan for the progress he made this year.  Going into the school year I was worried about Alan having separation anxiety and using the school bathroom alone.  But he definitely exceeded my expectations, not only by clearing those two hurdles, but also through the friendships he made and the personal growth he demonstrated in areas such as listening, sharing, coloring, cutting, and writing.

Alan ended up loving school and being a part of a great group of kids.  I loved having the opportunity to drive Alan to school and pick him up every Friday that I worked from home.  I was greeted with a running hug, a shout of “Daddy!,” and a big smile each and every time Alan saw me after school.  I looked forward to that special moment every week in the “large motor room.”

Overall Alan made great strides towards becoming more independent this school year.  Hopefully the summer passes by fast so Alan can get started on his second year of preschool!