Skiing Lessons – Week 3

Alan was back on the slopes today despite very cold temperatures.  Alan had to brave the elements for the first time today, and he wore thicker gloves and a polar scarf to cover his mouth and chin.  But it was worth it as he got to ride high above the ground on the ski lift over and over again.  He still made in the full two hours and still braved the elements to demonstrate his progress after practice.

Tribe Fest 2019

In what’s quickly becoming a favorite winter tradition, Alan attended Tribe Fest today at the Cleveland Convention Center.

The new events this year seemed to be designed just for Alan – particularly the indoor train ride.  We must have gone for a ride five or six different times.  Each time Alan had us ride in the caboose, and he smiled the whole time. 🙂

The other new event was a performance training course.  Alan ran a race against me, then held his own in a race against some bigger kids.  He never misses a chance to show off his speed.

Alan practiced his throwing and batting too.  He continued his tradition of throwing a perfect strike at Tribe Fest not once but twice.

In the game area, Alan had to get in some rounds of darts, air hockey and foosball.  Alan would’ve stayed all day if he could!

Skiing Lessons – Week 1

Alan made his debut on the slopes today and he did great!  During the first of six Sunday afternoon sessions at Alpine Valley Ski Resort in Chesterland, Alan learned how to balance, move, and stop on skis.  He appeared to have an edge over the other first time skiers in his group in ability to stay upright, perhaps because of the balancing skills he’s developed from ice skating.

After the 2-hour lesson on an unseasonably warm day, Alan took the “magic carpet” to the top of the hill to show his parents that he could ski on his own.  He was so brave!

New Years Day & The Rose Bowl

The new year kicked off in style today with Ohio State playing in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl.  Alan and I had roses on the mind all day long.

After returning from Grandma Debbie’s, we watched some of College Gameday and the Tournament of Roses Parade.  On Gameday, Alan was happy to catch the highlight of Parris Campbell’s 78-yard TD dash during the Michigan game during an “Images of the Year” montage.  That was Alan’s favorite play this year, as he loved how Campbell ran away from defenders like he was shot out of a cannon.

During the parade, Alan enjoyed seeing the Ohio State Marching Band perform on a big stage once again (Side Note: I can’t imagine any other band having played both the Thanksgiving and New Year’s parades in the same season).

While we were watching the parade, Robbie and Jill stopped by to see Alan’s Christmas train in action.  Alan got it running pretty well after making some engineering adjustments to the train tracks.  Alan also showed off Super Mack and his new fort.

Afterwards, Alan changed into his Braxton Miller-era OSU #5 jersey and got ready to watch the first half of the game with Robbie, Jill, and David at Tata and Papa’s apartment.  Alan packed up an OSU foam finger, an OSU football, and a rose to take with us.  He also packed his new Buckeye plane from Christmas and a Buckeye truck for the city he sets up on the coffee table.

During the game, Alan got to see a TD catch by Parris Campbell, who set OSU’s single season reception record and went over 1,000 yards on the season during the first half.  Alan also saw some nice runs by OSU’s current #5, Mike Weber, who played his best game of the season at the Rose Bowl.

While driving back home, Alan of course followed along on ESPN Gamecast, as Dwayne Haskins threw his 50th TD pass of the season, good for 6th most all-time in the NCAA record books.

To Alan’s delight, Ohio State coasted to victory in the second half.  And as the sun set on the Rose Bowl, it turned into a retirement party for Urban Meyer.

Here’s to Urban and 86 wins over the past 7 years!