2nd Grade Science Project

Alan presented his science experiment, “Baggie and Pencil Magic,” to his class today.  He demonstrated sticking a pencil through a Ziploc bag full of water, while explaining how polymers formed a seal around the hole and prevented the water from spilling out.  Alan — with Noah as his volunteer bag-holder — did great and earned a 15 out of 16 for his grade!  Alan’s practice last night (pictured above) helped, but so did all the work he put in with Grandma Debbie over the past few weekends.  🙂

Alan will also be presenting his experiment at the District Science Showcase at Mayfield High School on March 14th!

2nd Annual One School, One Book Night

After a fun filled weekend with cousins — and an impromptu trip to Niagara Falls — Alan and I finished reading The Enormous Egg yesterday.  And we were just in time for the school party tonight.

After gladly skipping the reptile show in the gym, Alan and I went to the classrooms to learn about dinosaurs.  Then we made our way to the cafeteria for fun and games.  We did ring toss together first, then after Xavier arrived, the boys played bean bag toss.  Alan saw a few other second grade friends, and they hung out together in the cafeteria the rest of the night.

Alan went home with a blue dinosaur — and of course an egg!  Alan picked a green egg, which also had a mini dinosaur inside.

Dominic’s Birthday Party

The cousins met up today to celebrate Dominic’s birthday at Sky Zone in Boston Heights.  Alan had to be a little late due to piano and violin lessons, but Dominic & Co. waited for Alan to arrive before having cake (which made Alan very happy).

Alan still ended up getting in a good two hours of jumping before the evening was over, even with the late arrival.  He showed off a new “360 move” and had fun in the pit!

Birthday Slap Bracelet

Alan gave me a birthday slap bracelet to wear today and I rocked it like it was 1991!  Alan actually got it for his 8th birthday at school from Mrs. Harris and wore it on his birthday.  So naturally, I wore it on mine (and I’ll be wearing it to work tomorrow).

Alan also gave me a card that featured a drawing of a gray plane that was flying a scarlet banner that said “Dad.”  And he gave me a bag of Hershey kisses that he snuck into my car as a surprise early present last night.

Today we spent the morning skiing at Alpine (just for fun; no lessons) and the afternoon playing at Zero Gravity for Joshua’s party — where I had plenty of birthday cake.  Second year in a row I got cake on my birthday by taking Alan to a party!

Train Art

Alan has made the most of indoor recess during the winter months by practicing his drawing skills.  He loves drawing cars, trucks, planes, and trains and he teaches Brady how to make them too.  This week, Alan drew a continuous train on several sheets of paper.  Mrs. Harris took note of it and posted it online.  Alan said I could have it for my birthday present. 🙂

Valentine’s Day Party

A last minute cancellation by a room parent allowed Alan and I to be together for the second straight Valentine’s Day party at Millridge.  The kids passed out valentines, ate cupcakes, and made bead art!  Alan’s bead art was a cactus, and he assembled it without help.

Alan gave out spaceship valentines to his friends, and his favorite valentine received contained a paper football that he and Noah got very excited about!  Alan’s valentines bag of course had a car drawn on it.  🙂


Skiing Lessons – Week 5

The pendulum swung back to unseasonably warm temperatures today at Alpine.  Fortunately lessons went on as planned.  Alan maneuvered around cones and then was rewarded with a ride on the longer ski lift to an even bigger hill with Allister.  The top of the hill was out of sight so I could only record the end of his lengthy run.  Alan advanced another level and will be skiing with the light blue group next week!