Easter – Part II

This year Alan’s Easter celebration was highlighted by both new and old traditions.  He missed coloring eggs with Grandma Debbie and hunting for eggs with Tyler, but Daddy was able to fill in.

On Saturday night we figured out how to color eggs together.  Batch 1 (eggs 1 through 5) wasn’t perfect, but by batch 2 (eggs 6 through 11), we were pros.  🙂

Of course the Easter Bunny came on Sunday morning.  He brought Alan a Lego, a Hot Wheels car, and some chocolate eggs!

On Sunday afternoon, we spent a considerable amount of time doing elaborate Easter egg hunts that covered the whole house.  Alan drew maps of the upstairs and downstairs and tracked where eggs were hidden so that we did not lose any.  I hid eggs downstairs and Alan hid them upstairs.  He made 5 copies of his maps so we could repeat the process.

Benny (left) and Binny (right), two bunny brothers named by Alan, were new additions this year.  They helped hide eggs and accepted the delivery of Alan’s Easter basket.  We’re glad to have them!

Easter – Part I

Today the Easter Bunny rolled through Mayfield Heights on the top of a fire truck.  This was one activity that the pandemic could not cancel.  Alan, looking stylish in his new sunglasses, enjoyed seeing the Easter Bunny along with Cassidy and Xavier, who were also outside at the time.   Easter is Alan’s second favorite holiday after Christmas, and he was ready to kick off a fun weekend!

After seeing Xavier during the day, Alan also FaceTimed with Brady for an hour at night.  The Easter Bunny had passed by Brady’s house as well, but they had a lot more to catch up on than just that.