Video Slideshow Program

Tonight after school, kids and their parents went to Mrs. Feldman’s room for what appeared on the school calendar as an “Open House.”  When Alan and I got there, we found out it was a gathering to watch a video slideshow of the year in Kindergarten!

The kids loved seeing each other in the slideshow and had plenty of comments as the images rolled on.  Parents loved it too.  It was the first time I got to see the pictures taken of Alan and I during centers, Alan’s “Smartie of the Week” family day, and the Q & U wedding day.

Before the night was out, the kids were presented with a basket of candy, small toys, and glowsticks. And the parents didn’t go home empty-handed either.  I walked away with a copy of the DVD we watched in the classroom, a photo album of Alan’s pictures from the year, Alan’s journal, and other drawings shown below — which I absolutely loved.  I’ll cherish them as reminders of a wonderful Kindergarten year for Alan.

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