ABC Countdown – Week 1

As the school year winds to a close, Mrs. Russo’s class is having an “ABC Countdown to Summer.”  Starting on Wednesday, April 18th and continuing through Thursday, May 24th, each day the class will have a special activity that coincides with a letter of the alphabet.

Here’s the recap from this past week:

Wednesday was “Art Day.”  Mrs. Russo put The Lorax up on the smart board, and the class drew him.  Alan’s work is shown in the photo above.

Thursday was “Bubble Day.”  Despite the chilly weather, the class went outside and played with bubbles during afternoon recess.  Judging by the video Mrs. Russo posted, the kids had a blast.

Friday was “Comic Book Day.”  Alan is a book guy, so he didn’t have any comics to bring in from home.  But he read some comics on one of the classroom’s Epic tablets.

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