ABC Countdown – Week 4

“ABC Countdown” recap from the past week:

Monday was “Mismatch Day.”  Alan wore one long black sock that he normally wears for ice skating, along with one of his regular white socks.  That was his choice.

Tuesday was “Necklaces and Neckties Day.”  Alan wore his new green and blue tie (pictured above).

Wednesday was “Outside Day.”  Alan and his class read outside in the courtyard during normal classroom time.

Thursday was “Popcorn Day.”  Alan and his class went to Progressive Field for a tour and then to Squire’s Castle for lunch!  After the field trip they ran out of time in the school day, so the class had to eat their popcorn the next day.

Friday was “Quiet Read-in Day.”  Alan brought in Ten Tiny Dinosaurs, which he got at the Spring Book Fair after school on Wednesday.  He read inside the classroom on the reading carpet.  And ate popcorn!

One other note about Friday:  While unrelated to ABC Countdown, Alan performed on the piano during Music class.  He proudly played “Clair de Lune” for the whole class!

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