Opening Week

The Mayfield Mighty Mites baseball season is officially underway!  Alan’s team — the Yankees — played through a rain-soaked and shortened opener on 5/12/18.  Then they were rained out completely on 5/14/18.  So today’s game (5/21/18) felt more like the true kick-off to the season.

Updates and stats will be shared here all season long.  Here’s the breakdown so far:

On 5/12/18, Alan put two balls in play but was retired on great plays by fielders.  In the field, he played RF and pitcher’s helper, as the coach likes his ability to field ground balls.  The result of the game was a loss to the Giants.

Today, 5/21/18, Alan went 2-for-3 with two singles and a fielder’s choice ground-out.  He was excited to run the bases three times, and even scored from 2nd on a single for his first run scored of the season.  I coached third and waved him home!  In the field, he played RF and LF and got the ball into the infield quickly on a couple hits.  The result of the game was a loss to the Red Sox.

Note: Alan is wearing #2 for the Yankees this year, which he wanted because it’s his second year playing in an organized baseball league.  He wore #1 last year.

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