ABC Countdown – Week 6

“ABC Countdown” recap from the past week:

Monday was “Walk Day.”  Alan and his class walked laps around the outside of the school.

Tuesday was “eXchange Autographs Day.”  Alan’s class brought in white shirts and the kids took turns signing them for each other (pictured above).

Other notes about Tuesday:  In the morning, the first graders had their field day outside (despite the AM rain).  Then in the afternoon, the kids visited each of the second grade classrooms to prepare for next school year. 

Wednesday was “Year-End Clean Up Day.”  Alan packed up his desk belongings and took home a heavy backpack.  He wore his baseball shirt to class, which he was very proud of.

Thursday was “Zip Up and Zoom Home Day.”  It was an eventful Last Day of 1st Grade!  Alan brought home the last remaining item from his desk – his pencil box.  He loves his pencils (all themes and colors), so I bought him an electric pencil sharpener for home use this summer and beyond.

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