First Day of 2nd Grade


Alan kicked off his 2nd grade year at Millridge today, sporting his new Mayfield Wildcats shirt for the occasion!  In addition to showing district spirit, Alan loves the color green!

At school he had a great day, highlighted by playing the ice breaker game “Find Someone Who…”  Fortunately Mrs. Harris, like Mrs. Russo, is on Twitter, so I’ll be able to follow along with Alan all year long.

Out of the 21 other kids in the class, Alan knows five kids from his 1st Grade class (Luke, Logan H, De’Onta, Nikki, Giuliana) and three kids from his Kindergarten class (Brady, Noah, and Paige).  That certainly helps the transition into the new year.  It also represents a sharp contrast from last year, when Alan only knew two girls from his Kindergarten class (though he quickly made new friends).

The only bad news of the day was that Alan found out 2nd Grade only has one recess.  But on the bright side, he learned that some weeks will feature “double specials,” meaning he’ll have weeks with two gym classes!

8/28/18 Update: At parent orientation, I found this photo of Mrs. Harris’ class taken on the first day of school.

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