Preschool Update


As the school year wound to a close, Alan finished the year on a high note.

In May he went on his first class field trip, to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, and had a teddy bear picnic in the St. Clare Library.  At the Botanical Gardens, Alan visited the Glasshouse, Woodlands Garden, and the Hershey’s Children’s Garden.  He fell and scraped his knees on the field trip, but he was brave and otherwise had a great time.  For the teddy bear picnic, he brought in the teddy bear that I brought back from Thailand in 2006.

The learning themes of May included butterflies, insects, and summer.  Alan took a liking to butterflies and included some in his classroom artwork and drawings.  He also learned his address this month.

For his final show-and-tell, Alan brought in Zuma from “Paw Patrol” for the letter Z.  At the start of the year, I picked out Alan’s toys for show-and-tell for him.  But by the end of the year, Alan was able to look at the schedule himself and pick out show-and-tell toys on his own.  Another sign of his increasing independence.

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