Celebrating Easter at Grandma Debbie’s — one of the highlights of Alan’s entire year — has had Alan smiling for the past two weekends.  He just couldn’t wait to color eggs, so he got a head start and colored his traditional “emoji” eggs a week in advance. They turned out great!  🙂

With the coloring done last weekend, Alan spent this weekend focused on Easter egg hunts!  Saturday night he did four hunts with Grandma Debbie, Tyler, and Carleigh — as each took a turn as the ‘egg hider’ in Grandma Debbie’s house.  When Grandma Debbie hid the eggs, they were filled with money and Hershey Kisses.  One lucky winner (Tyler this year) walked away with a $5 bill.

Then today Alan and I took turns hiding and finding eggs at home, as Alan just couldn’t get enough of it.  Alan also found an Easter basket waiting for him in his fort!  It was filled with a neon Indians baseball, a blue foam Indians stress ball, a Lego snowmobile, M&M’s, Oreos, and a golden egg with a Lego train and dollar bills inside.  Alan hinted to me that he thought I was responsible for the basket, not an Easter bunny.  Perhaps it was the baseballs that gave it away…

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