ABC Countdown – Week 4

Here’s the recap from this past week:

Monday was “Quiet and Read-In Day.”  Alan chose to read one of his Dog Man books during the read-in: Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild.

Tuesday was “Show and Tell Day.”  Alan brought in his new “pin art” toy that he got at Target last weekend.

Wednesday was “Unhealthy Snack Day.”  Alan went with Doritos (Cool Ranch) of course!  He walked to school with Veronica as part of the annual Mother Figure Walk to begin the day, and he teased her about being allowed to eat an unhealthy snack this time.

Thursday was “Vegetable Day.”  Carrots were Alan’s selection this time.  He said he ate every one that I packed for him.

Friday was “Wow!  X-tra Fun Day.”  The first through fifth grades had their Field Day!  Alan competed with Blue House / Team Wajibu (pictured above).  The weather was absolutely perfect for the event!

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